About Magnate Beauty

Magnate Beauty is a skincare line champions both skin health and environmental care. Utilizing natural, plant-based oils like rejuvenating jojoba, hydrating coconut, soothing chamomile, healing aloe vera, and cleansing witch hazel, each product reflects a dedication to nurturing radiant skin sustainably.

Owner of Magnate Beauty

Jennifer's journey to founding Magnate Beauty in October 2020 is marked by a rich tapestry of professional and personal experiences. Hailing from Jacksonville, FL, she has 13 years as a Registered Nurse and 6 years of high school educator. This blend of healthcare knowledge and educational prowess has deeply informed her understanding of the link between health and beauty, which is central to her brand's philosophy. Beyond her career, Jennifer is a devoted mother of 3 and an avid traveler, with a passion for exploring new cultures, enjoying retail therapy, and cherishing moments with her family. Her life reflects a commitment to innovation, education, and self-care, and making Magnate Beauty a testament to her dedication to enhancing beauty, health, and well-being.

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