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Actual client wearing Mo'Girl lashes MUA @makeupbosslady

Magnate Beauty Skincare

Vegan skincare enhancement products for all individuals in order to cleanse, hydrate and moisturize your face and body. All natural ingredients made from plant based oils. Sulfate free, animal cruelty free, paraben free and oil free. You are already beautiful, we just enhance you.

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Actual customer wearing the Mo'Girl Lashes. MUA @makeupboss

Spring Sale

All facial mists only $10, valued at $20. Sale ends June 20, 2023.

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Gift Sets Available

Gift Sets include a tumbler with other beauty items for FREE. With local delivery and local pickup, gift sets will be delivered in a gift bag along with a bouquet of flowers.

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Problems with dry skin? Try these products

Having Acne Problems? Try these

  • Face on Fleek Collection

    Facial products include cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer

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  • Body Ody Collection

    Body products include scrubs and moisturizers

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  • Lash Out (Lash Collction)

    Eye products includes lashes, eyelash serum and eyebrow gel

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  • Luscious Lips Collection

    Lip products include lip scrub, lip moisturizer and lip plumper.

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